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I'm Anik. Woman, wife, passionate crafter... Graduating Child Psychology at Uni many years ago I knew I want to work with children to help them learn, discover, explore...so after moving to UK and trained to work in Early Years. And I've enjoyed my quiet life and work with children in pre-school until.... 

...I found a Frog in my pocket :) And that's how I became Mum (more or less....) 

This is Mr Frog - my 4 ("mummy say 4 and half!") year old son. He's changed every day into exciting adventure. We explore, discover, learn, laugh, play, create (and jump in the puddles) together. I follow him and let him show me the world from completely different perspective.

Although I'm not dedicated to any particular method, I must admit Montessori approach do appeals to me and some time to time I use elements in our everyday activities. But most of the time I simply try to find the way of learning that suit us (and do it in two languages by the way...*). I just follow Mr Frog-the-Leader ;)  and try to use his interests and everyday play to extend his learning. We love creative activities, messy play and imagination play :) 
I believe in creative play and power of child's imagination :) 

Now I share my time between pre-school work I love and (extremely challenging) life with fidgety, wriggly Mr Frog. And this is our space where we create, play, discover and explore the world :) 

*) well, I'm not native English so forgive any mistakes you will find in my posts :)

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  1. Your blog is adorable! I love the design!! On top of that you have some really crafty ideas! I will be visiting often :)