Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas ornaments decorated with kitchen cupboard ingredients

With just few days until Christmas there is not much time for time consuming activities.
I am busy in the kitchen and Mr Frog is bored. To keep him occupied and give myself some time to do all the Christmas preparation I set up a tray with some last minutes Christmas ornaments to decorate. 

These last minute Christmas ornaments are extremely easy to make. And you can use any dry ingredients from your kitchen cupboard!  

This is what we used:

Set up a tray with:
- some cupcake cases filled with dry ingredients (it can be grains, died beans or  cake decorating sprinkles)
- PVA glue with brush
- cardboard shapes

Then just let children decorate the shapes (use lots of glue!) and explore interesting textures of different ingredients at the same time.
How easy is that? :) 

When the ornaments are dry use diluted PVA glue and cover them generously to make sure all the grains stick properly, attach a ribbon and that's it :)  

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  1. I really like it! we will do it next year :* Marry Christmas x