Thursday, 5 November 2015

Experimenting with Light {Light & Reflection}

If you have a little scientist at home and you child likes experimenting and discovering this activity is perfect for you. It is simple, easy to make and great for long autumn evenings. 

Mr Frog has been into science and all kinds of experiments for quite a while now. Most of the time I find him in the bathroom mixing different ingredients to check "what happen if....".
This month's Light and Reflection series perfectly fit into his current interests - Science

We did some great science experiments before here and here
This time I set up a mess free light experiment for Mr.Frog to check that the light ray travels only in the straight lines and to explore how the mirrors reflect the light rays. 

First gather some stuff: 

- cut a thin slot in the black card
- use the white tack to secure card and mirrors during experiment on the flat surface
- I used acrylic mirrors from Imagido (they work great for us for all kind of experiments and can be safely used by child without supervision)

Then we simply secured card on the table in standing position and used a small table lamp to shine through the slot (make sure the lights are switch off ;). Mr Frog used the mirrors to bounce back the light ray.
It was great fun for him to place mirror in different angles to bounce the ray back, use few mirrors to bounce the ray few times and move the torch side to side to check how the angle is changing.

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