Monday, 3 August 2015

"There were 10 in the bed" - silhouettes nursery rhymes.

Does your child like nursery rhymes and you think how to make it more fun and interesting? This month's theme for Light and Reflections series is just for you then - Nursery Rhymes! :)
Do you remember our silhouettes storytelling? I used black card to make simple silhouettes for "10 in the bed" song. Mr Frog loved counting songs when was in preschool. Now he is bit too old for such simple counting but he found this activity quite funny :) 

All you need to make this simple prop is:
black card 
some sello tape
a bit of imagination :)  

I cut out some stripes with 10 little people at the top and stuck some numbers at the bottom using a sello tape. I didn't use any template but you can sketch some shapes using a white crayon. Then I used half of A4 card and made two rows of 10 little slots and thread stripes through them.
Last thing - stick it on the window and sing a song. Child can pull the stripes down when singing making little people "felling out"  the bed.

This easy activity can be used to support some Maths skills as number recognition or counting when singing nursery counting songs.

You can easily make similar silhouettes for another counting songs and use them on the window, light table or as a shadow puppets on the wall. 

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  1. This is GENIUS and adorable! You are so creative!

  2. shame I didn't know it when twins were little. I am sure they would have enjoyed it x x

    1. My boy is bit too old for that too :( I hope someone can use the idea for their toddlers :)

  3. What a fun idea! I'm going to have this song swimming around in my head all morning now, lol!