Monday, 2 March 2015

Train Your Brain - Number Trails Light Table Game (Light&Reflection series)

This month's theme for Light & Reflections is Pi Day/Math. Oh yes, numbers are something Mr Frog likes a lot! To challenge him a bit I arranged the Number Trails game on the light table

To play the game you need to prepare:
- some tiles with maths operations (it depend on you what you include - one, two or three digit numbers, addition/subtraction/ multiplication/division - you know what works best for your child). I made two sets - yellow circles and red squares
- two different colors dry-wipe pens.

The idea is well known and simple - start with writing number 1, then make a trail and complete the operations. Mr Frog could practice solving the problems using mental methods. 

Your child can play alone:
- just mix and scatter the tiles (one or two sets) on the light table and write number 1 to start the trail.

You can make a battle (the best between children on the similar level but I did it with Mr Frog and it was real fun!). 

There are two options:
- each person uses own set and complete own trail, the first one completing the trail is the winner

- mix two sets together and put them on the table. Each person starts with number 1 and can use any tiles to complete the trail. Each tile can be used just ones and the person who completes more wins.

Learning Maths can be fun! And if you don't have a light table make the tiles and do this activity on the white board or big piece of paper. 

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Come back next month for more ideas:


  1. Number trails are brand new to me! How fun!

    1. I remember doing it as a child in school! Mr Frog likes it a lot :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I loved number trails as a kid! I haven't thought about these in years! What a great idea!