Monday, 9 March 2015

Exploring World Landmarks - Travel Around the World Activity

Do you have a little Geography fan or globetrotter in your house? This activity is great for you then!

This travel around the World  was a huge hit in our house! Using World Landmarks and  Around The World Safari Toobs, map and tablet we created an activity that let Mr Frog learn some Geography and practice some Maths,ICT and literacy skills.

 Resources we used: 
- Travel Around the World Safari Toobs (I bought our Toobs from Imagido)
- World Landmarks Safari Toobs
- map of the World 
- tablet 
- paper, pencil, calculator

First Mr Frog had to place the landmarks on the map. Some of them were quite easy to do. Some of them were more difficult and new for him so he checked and located them on the Google Maps. If he wanted to know more he read something about the landmark in Wikipedia

When all the landmarks were placed on the map we decided to plan the trip to visit all landmarks! How many kilometers it will be to travel around the World to see them all?

Mr Frog chose the starting point and planned the route then he wrote it down. Time to practice some literacy skills - writing and spelling.

Now the more difficult part - he had to check the distance between all the landmarks (at the same time he could practice some ICT skills). To check the distance we used the free applications: Distance From To and Check The Distance where you can put the name of two places and check how many kilometers or miles is between them. 

It's time for some Maths -  checking all the stages of the route and writing down the results. As the numbers were quite big Mr Frog used the calculator to add them all up. He read the numbers first and then he added them up to get the final result.

It looks like we need to travel 59947 kilometers and 58 meters to see all that landmarks....quite a long trip! :) 

I also printed some 3 part cards to go with our Safari Toobs. You can find them here: 

The Hands-On Homeschooler
Suzie's Home Education Ideas



  1. This is really awesome! We also use Google Earth. We like to travel virtually too. Visiting from the KBN. Here's a post we wrote about another country:

    1. Great! I need to check your post - I love new ideas for geography lessons! :)