Friday, 31 October 2014

Spices Sensory Writing and Mark Making

There's no better time for exploring spices than Autumn! Last week we spent long time playing with spices - smelling, touching, tasting....amazing experience!

First and definitely favorite activity - spices sensory writing.

sensory writing activity  

All you need is a tray and some spices from your kitchen cupboard.

Although Mr Frog is quite confident in his writing now, he still needs to work on his handwriting. This kind of activity is perfect!
We used our sandpaper-like letters as a template and focused on practicing letters shapes. At the beginning Mr Frog chose his favorite cinnamon.

Spices Sensory Writing

Keep exploring! Smell and mix different spices together to get your own spice mix - perfect for mark making.

Spices Mark Making
You can keep your spiced art - simply cover a piece of paper with PVA glue, put it on the tray and press gently. An autumn spices picture (bits and bobs on the picture are the fir-needles and other autumn treasures mixed with spices). Smells yummy! ;)

That's just beginning of our spices exploring adventure. More coming soon :) 

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