Thursday, 10 July 2014

Storytelling Cubes travel set.

We are getting ready for our summer road trip. We will drive through few European countries to visit our family. We do plan many stops on the way to visit different places and have a rest. But for Mr Frog that means long hours in a car seat anyway. 

I try to think of some ideas to entertain Mr Frog during this long trip. And guess what? I try to think of ideas to do it without car DVD, Leap Pad or tablet!

We love storytelling. Our Silhouettes Storytelling set is great and we use it often but it is not a travel set for sure ;) But making a storytelling travel set is easier than you think! 

All you need is:
- 3-4 wooden cubes with holes (if you are in UK you can buy some HERE, but I'm sure you can find such cubes in any shop selling the wooden craft shapes)
- pipe cleaner
- 2 beads
- paints (if you want to paint your pictures) or pictures from magazines and glue (if you look for an easier option)

Now you just need to decide what pictures would you like to put on your cubes. I'm not an illustrator or designer but my skills are good enough for Mr Frog ;) 
On each cube I painted different type of objects: buildings, characters, transport vehicles, animals and creatures. 

Storytelling cubes
When the cubes are ready just thread the pipe cleaner through the holes and secure the ends using the beads. Put it in your bag, take with you anywhere and tell the story :) Easy :)