Friday, 13 June 2014

Texture painting on canvas.

Texture painting on canvas is a great fun. Child can feel like a real artist painting on canvas and displaying own painting on a wall like in the gallery. And painting can make a very special kids made gift.

For us it was a special gift for Father's Day but it can be a special present for Mother's Day, gift for the teacher, Christmas or birthday gift for Grandparents or friend :) 

Mr Frog felt like an artist making his own real painting. And Dad had a great surprise when got such special and personalized gift.

 All you need is:
- canvas (we bought the cheap one from a pound shop - it works fine!)
- paints
- ready mixed plaster of filler (yes, the one you use for repairing the walls
- spatula to spread the filler
- some bubble wrap

Let children spread the filler on canvas using spatula and hands. This is a crazy part - go wild, make patterns using your hands, bubble wrap or different textured objects. 
Mr Frog made a hand print in the middle of his painting. 
Then let it dry and paint. Don't forget a signature to make it look professional! :) 

Texture painting on canvas.