Thursday, 29 May 2014

Maths with colorful buttons.

This pile of colorful buttons has been in my drawer forever. As Mr Frog is very curious about addition and multiplication now and keeps practicing his Maths skills I used the buttons for  Maths activity.

First sorting and classifying by color and comparing the groups of buttons (where is more/less buttons, where is fewer big buttons).

Then Mr Frog got a piece of paper with a 10, 15, 20 numerals and the same amount of boxes underneath. He  had to find different ways to make the number (10,15,20) and write it down. Colorful buttons helped him to visualize the addition. 

To challenge him a little bit more I gave him number 40 and he tried some multiplication as well. With colorful buttons it was a piece of cake  ;) 

And at the end...he cooked a pretended button soup! Yummy! :)

Montessori Monday

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Home Post Office

Our home post office was a simple idea to support Mr Frog's writing skills. One day he just got obsessed with writing - lists, notes, instructions.... So I set up Home Post Office. What's better than writing the letters? (and I love these American style red letter boxes, so I decided to make one...). 

So here it is - little spot in our house, ANYONE can stop and write a letter or short message or leave a little gift for someone. Of course Mr Frog writes the most :)

I made a felt letter box and put it with some paper, envelopes and pencils on the table . It is perfect to encourage writing skills or set up Post Office role-play. (no sewing skills? don't worry! use a cardboard box and red paint!)

And Home Post Office is great to encourage kindness. Some days are so busy...we run to work and back, to school, do the homework and paperwork....and somewhere in that rush I see little flag on the letter box...there's something inside! Little letter for me or daddy who is working long hours. Or I leave short message for Mr Frog....without any reason. Little messages full of kindness - perfect for busy and tiring days :) 

"Mummy can you draw me some stamps?"...well, I'm not a graphic designer but we have our own stamps! ;)