Monday, 3 March 2014

Solar System learning - felt mat and 3-part cards.

Outer Space and Solar System theme is our ongoing learning project. Mr Frog became interested in it last summer and since then he keeps asking questions about outer space and reads the books about it. Well, let's face it - I learn with him too! Questions he asks force me to admit I don't know the answer and dig in a book sometimes ;)

I made  a Solar System Mat that can be use to learn and play. I used  the black glitter felt sheets (but it can be black card stuck together as well). I added the needle felted planets (If you can't do needle felting don't worry -  these can be easily made with styrofoam balls painted with acrylic paints) and some stones as asteroids.

The mat is very useful for learning. Mr Frog uses the planets to match them with 3-part cards (kindly shared by Imagine Our Life) and puts them in a correct order on the mat.

Working with mat and 3-part cards

I tried really hard to keep the proportions between planets (more or less...). It wasn't easy, but works well for us. With 3d different size planets Mr Frog learnt easily which planet is the biggest, smallest etc. 

We have some Solar System books in both languages.  Our favourites one are Usborne books. First one is "Big book of stars and planets". It is really good - simple and colourful and contains enough interesting facts to learn for 5 year old. Another one is Usborne's "First Encyclopedia of Space"

Pop in tomorrow to check how we extend our Solar System learning and how we play using planets and mat :) 


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    1. Thanks Pati! Lots of fun with it :)

  2. I really love all your play mats! Such talent!!

    1. Oh, thank you for your nice comment Lisa! :)

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