Sunday, 23 March 2014

Funny Dancing Eggs

Sometimes when Mr Frog is bored and I am bored too and we have no plan for any special learning or creative activities.....we make something simple and just for fun :)
We quickly dig out some stuff from craft cupboard. And because it's Easter coming soon but not quite time for eggs colouring we make something different using our plastic eggs. Something that Mr Frog called the funny dancing eggs :)

So just collect some stuff..... 

....and stick and decorate (it may take a while to stick a marble in a correct position so the egg stands vertically)..... get the funny dancing eggs! Just push them, flick them, roll them and the marble stuck inside cause them move and dance funny way :)

Something simple,quick and just for fun :)


  1. Oh my word! This are awesome! We have to do this one. Thanks so much for sharing your idea!!

  2. I love these! Thanks so much for sharing at #Pintorials

  3. These are so cute! What a creative way to use plastic Easter eggs!