Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Simple Crafts for Valentine's Day

These simple Valentine's Crafts are perfect for little hands. And they help practice fine motor skills.

First we used our endless stock of tissue paper to make a "stained glass"-like heart. Cut out the heart template using black card and stick the tissue paper pieces to fill the frame. Nice and simple :) 

Some more tissue paper? Here it is - we made some Valentine's paper lanterns

All you need is:
-  tracing paper or contact paper or baking paper
- tissue paper hearts
- glue

It is easier to use contact paper but it's not what we always have in our drawer so we used tracing paper instead. And it worked great as well.
Covered tracing paper with glue and stick the hearts. Then leave it to dry. I put it in the book overnight  to straighten the paper. Then just staple the edges to create a tube and put some LED tea light candle inside. It looks really nice and gives nice warm light in  the evening :) 

Finally Mr Frog used his sewing kit to stitch some craft foam hearts. 
We used craft foam hearts, child needles and some colorful yarn. For younger children who can't use needles just make some holes in foam shapes and let them thread yarn to decorate hearts. 
It's great and simple activity to practice fine motor skills. 

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