Monday, 17 February 2014

Painting with Natural Colourings

I remember painting with natural colourings form my childhood. My Grandma told me which ingredients to use to get the natural colourings for our Easter eggs or to dye the pieces of cloths for my dolls...oh, it was so long time ago! :) 

This activity was so much fun for us! And so much learning for Mr Frog.

First we tried to find in our kitchen some ingredients to get different colours. The coffee and tea were the most obvious. We decided to use the egg yolks for yellow, mixed kiwi and parsley leaves for green and beetroot for red (I cooked it to get red water). There are so many different things you can get colour from and change them into "paints".

home made colours

Painting with such home made paints was so much fun for Mr Frog. He was fascinated with his discovery that we can get colours from something different than paints we buy from the shop :) 

Painting with natural colourings
Mr Frog really enjoyed experimenting with our natural colours. He mixed them together to check how colour and consistency change

Experimenting with natural colours

I'm sure we will do it again to check what else in our kitchen we can turn into "paints" :)


  1. Very neat!! I have never tried using food for painting. Does it stay with the paper afterwards?

    1. It does stay afterwards but I must say it doesn't look very impressive for me ;) Making process and experimenting with ingredients are lots of fun though :)