Sunday, 23 February 2014

Contrast and symmetry.

Today we had fun exploring contrast and symmetry with Mr Frog. I was surprised how quickly he picked up the concepts creating black and white pictures! And using just two colours to make a picture was great fun for Mr Frog :) 

First we talked about contrast and symmetry. I explained him the concepts and we tried to find something symmetrical. He quickly found symmetry in his body (face, hands and legs). 
Then we created contrasting and symmetrical picture using the black and white card (stuck together) and pairs of black and white shapes. 

Creating contrasting and symmetrical picture
First he had to match the same shapes. Then he tried to arrange them on the card - one on each contrasting side. 
"How do I know they in the same place on each side?" he kept asking. To solve the problem he decided to use the ruler to measure the distance of each shape from the middle and then stuck it in correct place.

He did really well with his symmetrical picture! And he understood the symmetry and contrast concept easily experimenting with black and white shapes and the picture looks great :)