Monday, 6 January 2014

Sandpaper-like letters DIY - Montessori on budget

Montessori sandpaper letters are great tool for learning shape of the letters. Using them help children gain a muscular memory of the letters. Feeling the letters' grainy texture with fingers gives child a chance to learn motor pattern and proper way of writing each letter. 

Mr Frog reading skills are great. But he needs some help with his writing. His fine motor skills has been always bit delay and I've noticed he doesn't write some of the letters proper way (he has no clue where to start, writes it funny way and direction). 
I thought sandpaper letters would be great support to his learning. I've decided use my creativity and make my own sandpaper-like letters! Being low on budget is not a big issue ;) 

So here they are - using natural materials and stuff I found on my shelf :) 

To make them you will need:

- pre-cut card squares (use red/pink for consonants and blue for vowels) 
I used white card and painted the letters blue and red at the end.
- quinoa or couscous grain (couscous gives "sharper" texture)
- glue 
- varnish/ Mod Podge (optional - you can use it instead the diluted PVA glue at the end)

and then you just need to follow the instruction:

Easy, isn't it? :) 
I'm surprised how durable they are taking into account the material they made of. 
Well, some single grains did fall off some time to time at the begining especially on the edges but I'm sure I could avoid it covering it properly with the layer of diluted glue, varnish or Mod Podge. 

Mr Frog enjoys using them a lot and this homemade set works well for us. I definitely reccomend making it if you are low on budget :)

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  1. So much easier than cutting out sandpaper! Just wondering- did you choose this material because you didn't have sand available? Or did you just prefer it?

    1. These are so easy to make. And I chose quinoa not sand because it has more grainy texture for me. I compared letters made from sand and quinoa and this texture works much better for us :-)