Thursday, 2 January 2014

Play & Learn with homemade Geoboard

A geoboard is a simple mathematical manipulative used to explore some basic concepts in plane geometry. And the best is that it's so easy to make at home! 

Mr Frog spotted a huge pack of rubber bands in the local pound shop. Great! 

With an old cork board and some push pins I found in my kitchen we made our own geoboard. Simple as 1-2-3! 

First I asked Mr Frog to make some simple shapes on the board. It turned out to be quite easy...and Mr Frog decided to lead activity and show me how creative shapes you can do with simple rubber bands! ;)  

Something more challenging? Coping shapes I drew on the side of the board. Coping shapes on geoboard was easy for Mr Frog so I took all pins on a side and asked him to make shape all by himself from scratch. Mr Frog had to compare, count pins, check distance. And he did really well! 

After that task Mr Frog decided it's time for creative free play!with pins and rubber bands :)  

I found great Goeboard web application HERE. If you don't have geoboard but would like to try how it works it's worth trying.

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  1. THIS is perrrfect! I have just left my corkboard to lye.. Now, I have found its newer better educational purpose :D

    1. Thanks! My corkboard had been in a kitchen cupboard forever until I made this geoboard :)