Sunday, 26 January 2014

Montessori inspired weather board and Free Printables

The weather has been really bad last couple of days. Perfect time to explore the weather theme!

When I saw this Montessori sky HERE ("Mummy and the Tot" is a Polish blog with many great ideas, so it's worth to use the Google translator to check it!) I knew it's a good inspiration for our weather activity. 

I prepared props for different weather phenomenons
- clouds (pillow filling)
- sun (felt)
- snow (some glitter snowflakes Christmas leftovers) 
- raindrops (felt)
- lightning (insulation foil)
- rainbow (some felt layers) 
- wind (a drinking straw) 
- hail (clear and white glass beads) 
- sky (roller blind fabric leftovers) 
- fog (a piece of white tulle)
- 3-part cards and labels

Each prop was packed in a different type container (boxes, glass jar, plastic bottles) and named with a label (we use the two languages' labels as Mr Frog is bilingual). 
When everything was ready I invited Mr Frog to create his own weather sky. And it was a great fun! 

First he read the label to find out what is inside. Then he had to cope with opening different  containers which was great fine motor skills exercise. And he used his creativity to arrange everything on the mat - he blew through the straw to move the raindrops and snowflakes, put the rainbow layers together in correct order, placed the fluffy clouds.... And at the end read the labels and 3-part cards and match them to the correct weather condition.

He had returned to this activity several times during last weekend. And every time he created something different, asked many questions about how different weather conditions are created in nature. 

I created simple weather cards for this activity. Feel free to download them to use with your own weather mat :) (if you would like to share the cards' pdf on your blog please do not publish the file but link to this post for others to download)

You can download PDF file HERE or by clicking the photo below

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  1. This is beautiful!! I love the board, I love how you brought in all the different hands on elements, and I also love all the little boxes. Plus, it's actually something I can do. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I'm glad you like it and hope you can use the idea to make your own board :)