Friday, 10 January 2014

Experimenting with marks and colour - Glue + Food colourings

Are you busy mum like me? 

There are some afternoons when I rush from work to pick up Mr Frog from school, then rush home, try to feed and entertain him, have some rest, or washing, or cleaning or...oh, one of these days, we all have them some time to time ;)
You don't need to give up on creative activities! Just do something simple that keeps your child occupied for some time. Something simple, easy to set and creative. Something like painting on glue using food coloring.
(I must confess I'd tried this activity too and... found it very relaxing after long, busy day! ;)

Mr Frog spent long time drawing squiggles and swirls, mixing colors, making up stories about funny shapes he made. This is great way to experiment with colors and practice mark making skills. 

You just need:
- PVA glue
- bowl or box
- food colorings
- mark making tools: toothpick/bamboo skewer/drinking straw/fork

Simple pour the layer of glue in the bowl, put few drops of food colourings and draw on it with skewer. 

You can find great painting on glue activity and and how to turn your art into sun catchers DIY HERE from Babble Dabble Do.


  1. a co potem z tym robicie?to zastyga i jest jako ozdoba?czy wylewacie po prostu? i to siÄ™ tylko tak o mazia po tym ?

    1. Jesli warstwa kleju nie bedzie za gruba zaschnie ladnie, chociaz zajmuje to troche czasu :) Nam zaschnelo i powiesilismy w oknie.

      Leave it to dry and use as a decoration :)