Thursday, 16 January 2014

Den building and camping indoors with kids

Gloomy days, long evenings, bad weather...what to do? Build a den! There's nothing better than building a den and camping indoors with kids :) 
Mr Frog loved planing and collecting building materials - blankets, cushions and pillows from all over the house and we both built a cosy den under our living room table. 

Then we used some sticks we collected couple days ago on the beach, added orange, red and yellow tissue paper stripes and led lights and we had a great  bonfire!
We sat together singing some songs....oh, felt like camping sitting in our cosy den by the bonfire in our completely dark house! 
Mr Frog packed some books and board games so we spent some time in the den reading and playing. And we had a special treat - roasted marshmallows (well sort of - we tried to roast them over the candle ;) 
Indoor camping with kids
Bored with sitting inside the den? Why not organize a walk in the jungle? We went for a walk in the jungle (well, our dark house ;). The house looks completely different when it's dark - shower curtain turns into bushes, stairs are rocky mountain, our bed feels like muddy puddle (watch out for crocodiles!)....we had fun! 

Dark gloomy evenings are not boring anymore! :) 

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