Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cardboard box kitchen - weekend recycling project

Recycling arts and crafts are lots of fun. And  I'm sure every Mum does use recycling materials in everyday activities. 

We've made recycling crafts projects since Mr Frog was just a Tiny Frog. First because being low on budget and then because it was so much fun and learning in it! We made lots of stuff - the instruments from cardboard tubes, garages and houses from cardboard boxes, picture frames from old CD cases, junk modelling....

It's easy to pay for some toys and aids... but if you are low on budget or want to  learn your child to reuse, recycle and save, learn them being creative, plan and think of ideas  there's nothing better than recycling arts and crafts.

Last week Mr Frog found a cardboard box from my old laptop. "Let's make a kitchen!" he decided (as he still doesn't have one). So here it is - our weekend recycling project: 

We used: 
- silver and black acrylic paint
- craft foam sheets (kitchen hobs)
- orange and grey self-adhesive colour paper 
- make up sponges (kitchen controls
- PVA glue
- couple split pins
- a button and rubber band (to lock an oven because of lack of better idea ;)

Mr Frog planned how he wants it to look like, helped me to paint it and stick some elements. 
And here it is ready to play :) 

Here is the short list of some materials we collect and use for our craft projects:
- plastic bottles 
- interested shapes plastic containers
- buttons from old clothes
- paper rolls card tubes
- card boxes
- newspapers
- interesting pictures or patterns from magazines
- old cd cases
- plastic and metal bottle caps
- cofee filters
- cupcake cases
- paper plates and cups

- cans

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