Thursday, 30 January 2014

Calendar and weather board printables

Do you remember our Montessori Inspired Weather Board? We've been using it quite often recently to talk about weather and explain all theweather phenomenons.

To complete the theme I introduced a simple calendar and weather board (all in one). Mr Frog can complete it on his own, He checks the weather outside and sets it on the weather board clock. He reads the labels with days of the week, months and weather description and sticks it in the correct places. Simple daily routine :) 

If you would like to print one for your child feel free to grab it HERE and HERE (2 parts) or click on the photos below. 

Just print, laminate and cut it out. We use Blue Tack to stick the labels on the calendar but you can stick Velcro in correct places as well. The arrow is cut out the craft foam and attached with a brass split pin. You can use a piece of cardboard to make it or simply let child draw an arrow with a whiteboard dry wipe pen. 

CLICk on the picture to download

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