Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Busy Mum's quick evening activity

Are you busy mum? Tired after work? Dreaming about moment of rest? 
I have such days some time to time. I think most Mums have such moments. 
Don't give up, don't sit your child in front of TV! (well, at least not every time you are tired ;)

Last evening was one of THESE days for me. I did't feel guilty, just took out a lightbox, some colourful marbles and rainbow counters (great for practising fine motor skills) and let Mr Frog explore and lead (while I have some rest :). It's amazing how simple things can engage children for long time!  And how creative ideas children think up having just few things!

Mr Frog came up with:

Sorting marbles according to shape, size, pattern (maths in practice).

Marbles sorting

Create a rainbow and  mix colours
I was really surprised how long he spent crating the rainbow! Small counters was a great way to practise fine motor skills. Then he discovered that joining two different colours counters gives another colour or shade and spent some time exploring different combinations. 

Making patterns memory game - Mr Frog organized a memory game: one person create a pattern and let the other one look at it for some time. Then cover it with piece of dark paper and try to replicate it. (Well, tired Mum is not good at such competition ;)

Pattern memory game

And last but not least skittles! Relaxing part of the evening - I found Mr Frog playing skittles using marbles and his collection of figurines. Sounds like fun ;) 

Lightbox skittles

Few simple things + creative, engaged child = happy relaxed mum ;) 

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