Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ending a year with the Time Capsules

We end year 2013 with great idea from Imagination Tree - the time capsule
We've spent great time with MFrog tonight making our own time capsule. I explained him what is it about.. That was a great starting point for conversation about now, past and future.  

I prepared some card with some questions and tasks - drawing own portrait, hand print, write about important things happened in 2013 etc. Then we put everything in big envelope decorated by MFrog(it's easy to storage for me in special memory box I keep in my wardrobe :).
I'm sure we make another one next year, and year after...until it's time to open all our time capsules when Mr Frog gets older :) 

Happy New Year to everyone! 
Starting new blog is a great beginning of New Year, isn't it? :) 
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